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LED Lamps and Ecoaffluent Convergence

To help explain this concept consider for example the use of kerosene lamps in Sub-Saharan Africa and India. A friend of ours who is based in Burkina Faso has explained that very poor people can spend up to a dollar a day on kerosene for lighting alone. Kerosene causes terrible respiratory problems in general use […]

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Eco-affluent Convergence

What is Eco-affluent Convergence? Eco-affluent convergence is the merging of two ideas, Eco-affluence and Contraction and Convergence. It is a mechanism by which everyone on earth, whether from the rich nations or the poor nations, attains affluent lifestyles that are free from hunger, poverty, fossil fuel addiction and environmentally damaging practices. It is eco-affluent because people have abundant […]